Speedway Productions
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 Type: Limited liability company

Joint venture

 Industry: Media
Background Information
  SNN Productions
  2008 (Original)

2012 (Revamp)

Area Served:
  SonicMundo, SCXN
  SonicGalaxyNetwork (86% stake), Mane 6, LLC (10% stake), Dark Arrow Productions (3% stake), Other (1% stake)
  Official Website

SCP Studios, LLC (doing business as Speedway Productions, formerly known as SNN Productions) is an American media and entertainment company engaged in the production and marketing of entertainment, news, and information products and services to the customer base of the Sonic News Network and Wikia. The company owns and operates internet television networks, SonicMundo, a YouTube channel, as well as a website, a news department and several television production companies. SCP Studios also currently having deals with other wikis such as T.U.F.F. Puppy Wiki.


Before SCP was SCPEdit

It started in 2008 at the Sonic News Network Wiki's Forums. Shelly the Hedgehog, or Sonicrox14, created SNN Productions (Now SCP Studios) to make a fan-game, Sonic Heroes 2. This caught a lot of attention, eventually becoming SNN's official.

The Fall of SNN ProductionsEdit

Many thanks to Sonicrox's inactivity and other user's inactivity and other factors, the dreams of Sonic Heroes 2 becoming a fan game ends, and so does SNN Productions. Failing to reach their goals, SNN Productions was left to die. Many attempts to bring back SNN Productions, fails.

SNN Productions return as SCP StudiosEdit

After been left for nearly 2 years, on April 7, 2012 SonicTheHedgehogDude got a idea that can expand SNN to the limit, With The Shadow of Darkness, ModrenSonic, Ohmygod123, Wkmeads1 and Pacmansonic138's support, SNN Productions was re-formed and renamed to SCP Studios. A new look and feel that will not end like the original SNN Productions, solely made for a fan game.

Troubled Times, RebrandEdit

However since SCP has a major success in the few months the lanuched, after SummerShow2012 SCP Studios lack in quailty, started losing viewers and now at the brink of closure. Suddenly after the lanuch of SonicMundo, SCP was rebranded as Speedway. This never helped the company and now desiding to shut down Speedway, and selling off the assets to SonicGalaxyNetwork, SonicMundo's half owner. The company then shut down.

Members at time of shut downEdit

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​Former LogosEdit

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